About us

BJB Automation: A part of the whole

BJB Automation is an integral part of BJB GmbH + Co. KG, an internationally active, owner-operated manufacturer of components for the lighting and domestic appliance industry. The company has a workforce of 900 employees worldwide, 680 of whom work at the headquarters in Arnsberg, South Westphalia, Germany. Each year, 500 million individual components consisting of approx. 3 billion parts are manufactured on automated production lines and supplied worldwide.

Having access to all relevant departments from Design and Development to Tooling and Equipment Manufacture, the BJB Automation division has powerful resources. The financial strength of BJB also enables it to finance long production lead times in advance from its own resources, thereby providing the customer with a secure and stable basis for planning.

Due to its market leadership in lampholders, switches, terminal blocks and light fittings for domestic appliances, BJB has profound knowledge and experience in the automation of production processes. A high degree of vertical integration and qualified staff also provide above-average know-how at all levels, consistently high product quality and a strong customer focus in business operations. This makes BJB Automation a reliable, well-resourced and experienced partner for innovative solutions in general automation technology.

About us
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