You don’t have to do everything yourself, or do you?

BJB Automation is a company with many possibilities. Its potential is based on sharing or having access to the resources of the surrounding production facility. Admittedly, this is an unusual, but actually quite a logical one. As in a university, there are several departments which cooperate, share facilities and capacities or interact with one another in research and development work. This is exactly what happens at BJB Automation.

This applies first of all to study and development operations, i.e. basic research. Merely to meet the requirements of the company as a whole, new procedures are constantly being discussed, models developed and approaches worked out. Our cooperation with major international groups from the lighting and electrical industries has provided us with the methodology and knowledge of project development which are now in general use.

We work predominantly with experimentally developed solutions and the know-how of the design departments at BJB. The company’s own tool shop with approximately 70 employees guarantees a high implementation speed. Actually, we utilise our own resources throughout the value-added process, with an integrated team of our own staff already in action at the planning stage.

BJB GmbH & Co. KG | Werler Str. 1 | 59755 Arnsberg | Germany