Design & toolmaking

Shared resources mean double the capacity

The central elements of our automated solutions are all those parts which cannot be procured and configured as standard from existing stocks. And, of course, the concept of how the whole process is to proceed, how the individual parts are to interact – whether mechanically, electronically or via data exchange in the control modules. We do not only design such solutions ourselves. We also produce tools and equipment all the way through to technological maturity.

The production division at BJB with a staff of approximately 70 provides us with sufficient capacity to handle major tasks and cope with tight deadlines. We also share capacities in the Design Department, which develops components in the electrical engineering field but also provides support with tool and equipment design for automation technology when required.

We see automation as a discipline of its own, applicable to all fields of technology. It is a complex task, encompassing everything from the analysis stage through to commissioning and subsequent training and support. Integrated thinking also leads us to conclude that our customers will benefit more if the crucial areas of design and toolmaking have their own resources and above-average capacities. And, as far as economic efficiency is concerned, we benefit from our organisational principle of “shared resources” between BJB and BJB Automation.

Design & toolmaking
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