System integration

We don’t sell machines, we deliver improvements

As a rule, BJB Automation’s solutions are not stand-alone systems working separately from the remaining value-creation process. Long before a system is purchased, its potential after implementation is specifically assessed with the customer as part of the planning and advisory process. As well as optimum integration into the existing production process, whether in the form of a replacement, addition or extension, it is also necessary to discuss the question of future developments and possible additional requirements.

In this way, for example, a module has been developed which enables our ADS systems to lay different colours of wire in a process completely separate from the internal wiring and yet integrated into the same control program. Thus it has been possible to extend automated processes to other fields within the manufacturing structures of the lighting industry.

In many cases, automation technology even brings a re-arrangement of logistic processes, for example because material flows can be organised differently and often more efficiently. Here we cooperate closely with our customers to exploit synergies from all sides because our aim is not merely to replace existing systems, but to contribute towards general improvements.

System integration
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