nterfaces & control systems

Interfaces and control systems

In addition to measurement, control, movement and communication parameters, operational design plays a vital role in all automated solutions. In practical operation, a system will only be convincing if it is easy, quick and reliable to operate. To achieve this, it is necessary to inform the operator of the operational status of the system at all times. The appropriate control devices must be easily accessible and protected against incorrect operation. Ideally, many details should be self-explanatory, enabling the system to be handled intuitively. We devote particular attention to this field, also known as the man-machine interface, in terms of both hardware and software.

Good results are partly achievable here through theoretical consideration, but nothing leads to a better understanding of actual requirements than practical operation with users who are not involved with the systems as we are. In this way we draw on a wealth of experience and feedback from our customers regarding the design of interfaces and control systems. Numerous improvements have already been incorporated into our systems, and many more will follow in future.

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